Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent
— Victor Hugo

Andrew is a scientist and he's married to a musician. He, like me, loves both science and music. So one day he wondered, what would an orchestra made up of scientists sound like? Could the musicians learn something from scientists and could the scientists get some inspiration from music? He's currently working on this idea as a concept for a TV show and he asked us to make a short film to support his pitch.

Here it is: the Sound of Science.

Music gives moving images a rhythm, an emotion and a message. We understand that music plays a central role in film production and that its importance can never be underestimated. That's why we love working with different kinds of music and artists and to never stop experimenting with the infinite possibilities given by the fusion of notes and colours. We hope you'll enjoy the musical collaborations sampled here!

Letting Nature dance to the electronic beats of artist Phat Acrobat