Liz’s story with Real Food Wythenshawe

Real Food, Wythenshawe are doing a huge amount of work to increase the number of people growing and cooking healthy foods. From food markets with free samples and simple, affordable recipes to edible gardens and biodomes for volunteers from the community to get involved and much, much more.

Oropendola were commissioned to tell a small part of their work and the impact it has. This film shows Liz a resident of Wythenshawe who's life really has been transformed by having access to the project.

To find out more about this fantastic charity and all people involved check out their website here:

I yearn for a place untouched by man

Lying on the North Western edge of the Lake District in Cumbria, Ennerdale valley is a jewel in England's landscapes. Quiet, remote, and to some, a vision of wilderness. It is home to some of England’s most vibrant natural environments and one of the longest running ecological restoration projects in the UK.

The Wild Ennerdale Partnership is allowing the landscape to evolve naturally by reducing human intervention, sheep grazing and conifer plantations, whilst allowing the expansion of the old deciduous forests that once covered this region.

Commissioned by the Wild Ennerdale Partnership, we aimed to show the journey of nature through the valley as told from the perspective of water, forming in the clouds, dropping with the rain, flowing through the rivers and resting in the Lake. 

The Ennerdale partnership is a collaboration between the National Trust, Forestry Commission, Natural England and United Utilities.

The forest has a song..


It's well known that spending time outdoors has a huge impact on health and well being as well as academic performance.

Some Children are lucky enough to get regular access to the natural world through the Lancashire Wildlife Trusts "Forest Schools" project.

We love it and are pleased to share the story of Bailey, perhaps a future naturalist or biologist!


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Blackbirds reminisce
of juniper and mirth,
the autumn draws near

This is the teaser for our documentary on the plight of migratory birds passing through Sardinia, Italy. This green island should provide the prefect feeding ground for the birds as they seek the sustenance necessary to continue their journey. Unfortunately, for hundreds of thousands of birds though, their journey ends on the island, in a trap.

A well organised network of poachers supply the birds to markets, restaurants and families who cook them to make Griva, a once traditional meal, now a status symbol.

This film was commissioned by Lipu Italia to document their work to combat poaching on the island. The full film is to be broadcast on Rai.

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A hidden wilderness in the heart of northern Manchester.

We are happy  to present you with our latest video for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. This is Moston Fairway, a hidden gem in the middle of urban Manchester, a small but unique reserve which provides a pocket of wilderness to the surrounding city. Our task was to interpret and capture its charm, as well as documenting the "forest schools project", a collaboration between the Trust and local schools to get children out of the classrooms and into nature.

Given its size and location, this is a truly remarkable site. It is home to a wide variety of species and habitats, including a young woodland, acid grassland and a bog habitat. This means that many different animals are attracted to the area: from reed buntings, to bullfinches, smooth newts, kestrels and foxes all share this small island of green.

To find our more about this great reserve click here and to find out more about this project click here.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
— Aristotle

This experimental project involved analysing what "noise" is really made of and stripping it to its simplest sounds. There's no better place for this than the rainforest, where crickets, cicadas, beetles and frogs all sing their own songs, in wonderful cacophony. For this video, we attached contact microphones to various plants, leaves and rocks and recorded raindrops hitting them. Then, together with artist and musician Phat Acrobat, we pitched the sounds slightly to create our own rhythm from natural sounds.

Each sound can be beautiful and melodious, if we can learn to listen and appreciate its infinite tones.


One sunny afternoon in early February we set off to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) Martin Mere site.
This short video displays some of the incredible wildlife found in abundance at the wonderful wetlands in Burscough.

This is a short clip of a Peruvian gliding ant and a bee enjoying the sap from a freshly snapped tree, accompanied by only the authentic sounds from the feast.