Forest Schools

Moston Fairway

The Oropendola team have been busily working away on a short video for the Wildlife Trusts  about their Moston Fairway reserve.

Moston is small residential village in the north east of Manchester and as its name suggests it was once a rich peat and mossland. The site of the reserve is nestled in the heart of Moston, bordered by housing and a railway line. But the urban location and the historical use of the land not only adds to its charm but has had a lasting effect on the habitats and species found on site. 

Although modest in size the reserve boasts three distinct habitats: woodland, mossland and grassland. Each with their resident species including a kestrel, bull finches, smooth newts, cotton grass and even the colourful sphagnum moss.

Not only is it a great place for inner city wildlife but the collaboration between local schools and the wildlife trusts has led to forest schools project where children are able to leave the classroom and learn in the woodland. This forest schools project is the one featured in the short video which should be completed in a few weeks time. 

Nick, Oropendola Productions