Italian Sunrise Time-Lapse

Perhaps it was only a matter of time or perhaps we were inspired by the beautiful location, but either way, on July 11th with the aid of an intervalometer and a tripod, we gave into the desire to try timelapse photography. So at 4 am, assisted by a ladder and some coffee, we took 444 pictures at 15 seconds interval, capturing Sunrise over Lake Maggiore.

There is a kind of magic to timelapse: the ridiculous number pictures that are necessary, the quick changes of settings before the next shutter closure, and then the processing of gazillions of pixels... All, to finally be able to pop the result into a timeline and watch the course of nearly 2 hours pass by in less than 40 seconds.

Looking back, dawn is an inherently difficult time to make good time-lapse, with the constantly changing light conditions and the surprisingly unpredictable clouds.  Also, 15 seconds is too long a gap to obtain those smooth cloud flows we are all used to seeing. That said, this is our first attempt and we are quite happy with the result.

Thanks to Riccardo for inviting us to to visit Arona and for letting us set up on his roof at 4:30 am to enjoy this fantastic spectacle. 

Make sure to click HD 1080 and enjoy on full screen!

Nick & Greta, Oropendola Productions