The Awful Truth - Music Video

A few weeks back we were asked by our friend if we could pop down whilst he was recording a new album in order to make a little video for him. The band is The Awful Truth and the song we recorded is called In Too Deep.

We were expecting a slightly different setup and so we were a little perplexed when we arrived and saw the five of them playing instruments and singing surrounded by chairs, tables and various pieces of furniture. We later found out this was so that the sound from each instrument wouldn't bleed into the neighbouring microphones, but it also meant we had to quite literally jump obstacles to get to film each musician. The result is a bit wobbly in parts, although we like it this way in the end!

We hope you enjoy it, the song is really catchy and it was great fun to work with these guys!

 Greta & Nick, Oropendola Productions