Wildlife Weekly at Martin Mere - Puff Balls & Chicks

To find out about giant Puffball mushrooms and take a peak at some newly hatched chicks check out the latest WWT Wildlife Weekly. Over the past few weeks, strange sphere like objects had been popping up along many of the shaded paths at Martin Mere. These almost alien looking spheres first appeared rather small in both number and size. However, over the past week they  grew bigger than footballs and the oldest turned a dark brown now resembling an old ants nest.

These Puffball fungi (Calvatia gigantea) are relatively common in wooden areas and tend to pop up after downpours. If the outside is firm and the inside is a consistent white then they are very edible.  So we picked up a mushroom, diced it into to cubes and breaded it. We can definitely recommend pan frying  in butter and garlic then serving  with a sprinkling of lemon and salt - its delicious!

This is our final contribution to Martin Mere's wildlife weekly, at least for a little while, whilst we move on to our next adventure.

Nick & Greta, Oropendola productions