The Tasty Wood

If you like close up shots of ants, bees or freshly snapped wood then you are in luck,  this short clip is just for you! Ok, no, seriously, this was just a test we did to experiment with some sounds and footage we got from Peru, using Adobe Premiere Pro as editing suite. Although it is no masterpiece, there is something we both really liked about this particular sequence. Partly the ant, and the fact that it was such a solitary grazer, and partly the succulent log it was munching on, recently snapped and still wet from the rain. The way the sunlight danced over the golden wood, filtered through the canopy, made the whole scene seem almost staged, but I promise you it wasn't! We had originally been attracted to that log by the buzzing sound of a bee, which you can briefly spot in the sequence, with a full pollen sack on its leg, before noticing the lonely ant.

For the sound here we used a pair of small omni directional microphones and a modified contact microphone. See if you can hear the little footsteps of the ant or the crunch of the tasty wood.

If anybody knows what the species of ant is, please let us know as we are struggling to identify it. Thank you!

Nick & Greta, Oropendola Productions