Red Flasher (Panacea prola)

Panacea prola

With the change in weather over the past week many people have spotted their first butterfly of 2014. Unfortunately we have yet to be graced by one... However, we thought that we would share with you one of the many incredible butterflies that greeted us on a daily basis in the Amazon.

This beauty is known as Panacea prola, she belongs to the tribe Ageroniini of the largest family of butterflies Nymphalidae. She was often found absorbing warmth and feeding on rotten fruit and minerals on the banks of the Rio Napo in north east Ecuador. Red Flasher, the common name, comes from the red hind underwings that contrast sharply with the wonderful iridescent blue pattern on the upperside. These blues are highly reflective and in bright daylight shine with a spectacular turquoise glow. I will explore the roots of colour and iridescence in butterfly wings in another post as this is an area of great interest to me.

Are you wondering where you can find this butterfly? Well, this species of Panacea is found throughout much of the lowland and transitional cloud forest areas of  South America, from Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru to southern  Brazil.

Nick, Oropendola Productions